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Best massage schools in Charlotte

Teaching professional massage and bodyworks for over 30 years hour professional certification program over 9 months, 3 evenings per week. Our 9 months professional certificate allows for you to train around your work or family commitments towards a rewarding career in areas of therapeutic and clinical massage, either alongside medical professionals or your own private practice.

We look forward to welcoming you and giving you the tools to graduate and succeed in a very rewarding career. Wednesday 5. Spring day time course starts the 16th March Applications are now being accepted. Places are limited.

Massage Therapy School in Charlotte, North Carolina

Apply for admission HERE. If the applicant is not accepted into the program the fee will be refunded within 30 days, by check, at the time of written notification. We often get asked what is the difference between the terms Medical Massage and Therapeutic Massage and many students will ask if they will have the skills needed to work in a medical setting if they attend a program that is therapeutic centered? In short, yes. If we take an honest look, most of the time it comes down to advertising phrases that create the idea that one is better than the other.

Is it really better to approach massage as medical or clinical and claim therapeutic is defined as relaxation with no real benefit? Founded by Lynda Clay in the Institute has been serving the Charlotte community for over 30 years, producing highly qualified professionals due to its extended program of hours.

Today, the school is is carried on by one of its former pupils, Liz Chandler, who now owns and operates the Institute, carrying on its legacy to our future students. Our facilities are located in an historic home that has been converted to classroom and office spaces.

Students enjoy learning in the comfortable homelike environment. Break areas provide students with a place to relax and study. Administrative offices house a resource library, student services and records. The classroom space is well equipped for both lectures and hands-on instruction.

Easy access from the I makes commuting from surrounding areas convenient. If you wish to visit the school we encourage you to make an appointment through our administrative office by calling We personally show you the facilities and will be happy to answer all your questions.

If you wish to rent our classroom for continued education workshops please contact the admin office on for details. If you would like recommendations for licensed therapists please feel free to use the online contact form.

We will be happy to refer your request. I feel honored to be a part of this journey and having the unique vantage point of student, therapist and school director to successfully guide you on your path to becoming a licensed massage therapist. My goals are different and my confidence is much greater.

I feel like I am making a difference in peoples lives now instead of just going through the motions. I am looking forward to making a difference in peoples lives and using my hands and intent to help my clients heal. Being off in one area creates other aspects of life to be off.

In short, yes! Our approach to any type of massage is therapeutic at its core while treating the client as a whole person not just an isolated injury. Many therapists enter the field of massage therapy to deliver alternative, holistic or complimentary therapy care to clients. Often, our medical system misses the opportunity to deliver care focused on the person but rather just symptoms and injuries.Yet, some offer distinct benefits over the others.

As you are weighing your options between the best city to go to, consider these benefits of studying at NC Massage School, which happens to be just outside of Charlotte, NC. If you are new to massage therapy as a career, NC Massage School has a hour diploma program that offers Neuromuscular Certification.

State pass rate is in the 80 percentile. National pass rate is in the 70 percentile. If you are already in the field, you can get your continuing education in order to maintain licensure and provide the best possible care to your clients. Using workshops and classes held all year long, we can help you maintain licensure while exploring interesting topics and adding skills and techniques to your repertoire.

When you choose to study with NC Massage School to take classes for massage therapy, you will also benefit from all of the offerings of our city. Charlotte is a vibrant urban center with a rich cultural scene and entertaining nightlife.

When you are not busy with your studies, you will find that there is plenty to see and do in Charlotte. Charlotte also offers easy access to Lake Norman.

Best massage schools in Charlotte

When you need a break from your studies and want to simply relax, Lake Norman is waiting to welcome you with its beautiful shoreline. If your form of relaxation is more along the lines of watching a sporting event, Charlotte has football and basketball teams, including the Carolina Panthers and Charlotte Hornets, who play in the city.

You can also watch the Charlotte Checkers hockey team or the Charlotte Independence soccer teams. Yes, Charlotte has many benefits, and NC Massage School makes it convenient for you to get your massage therapy diploma here.

Learn more about our course offerings today, and start yourself on the path of earning a degree that will help you help others with your life. Search for:.Massage on demand in an hour? This is just one of the things going on in the North Carolina massage therapy industry. Massage therapists practice specialties from sports massage to geriatric massage.

North Carolina has plenty of interest in massage therapy — and plenty of quality schools for would-be practitioners to choose from. The expectation nationwide is that massage therapy schools either be accredited by a legitimate accrediting agency or approved at the state level.

North Carolina has both types of program. Some programs are exempted from the Board approval process by virtue of their accreditation. Community colleges would fall under this category. Prospective students can go to the Board website for a list of Board-approved career schools. There are more than 20; Charlotte and Raleigh boast three each. The Board has taken steps to ensure school quality and promote student success. In order to be approved, North Carolina schools must meet a lengthy set of requirements.

Instructor and staff qualifications are described in state code. So are admission policies. Students can expect to go through a selection process; the school will conduct interviews. The school will hold an orientation session to describe the curriculum and expectations as well as employment prospects post-graduation.

There must be no less than hours of anatomy and physiology; common pathologies are to be addressed under this content area. The school must offer at least hours of theory and application; the goal is to be "comprehensive entry-level" skill development with practices that involve soft tissue manipulation. The Board has listed a number of modalities that fit the state definition: among them, Swedish, shiatsu, acupressure, and trigger point therapy. Hands-on application is to comprise at least of the required hours in this content area.

Contraindications, body mechanics, and hygiene are among the other expected topics. The student will receive 20 hours of instruction in psychology-related massage therapy topics such as client-therapist relationships, boundaries, communication, and mind-body connection.

The program will provide at least 15 hours each of 1 legalities and professional ethics and 2 business practices related to massage and bodywork practice. The remaining hours is for discretionary topics related to massage therapist practice. Up to 50 hours may be in topics that are not subject to massage therapy licensing mandates. There is potentially room for electives in even a hour program.Officials have approved dozens of massage therapy schools in Colorado. Students receive the instruction and training they need to earn licenses to practice in the state.

In addition to teaching various massage techniques, the curricula provide a foundation in human anatomy and physiology, as well as business skills and professional ethics.

This is an excellent place to study. Long known as the Rocky Mountain State, Colorado is renowned for its natural beauty. It offers opportunities for outdoor recreational activities like skiing, which means more clients for massage therapists. Only two states employ more people per capita in the field. Find a massage therapy school in Colorado below, or click here to find schools in other states.

You can also narrow down your search and view massage therapy schools in Colorado Springs.

Why Choose Charlotte, NC for your Massage Therapy Training

This office regulates individual massage therapists, but not massage businesses or other facilities. Government personnel grant approval to school programs that meet criteria concerning the curricula.

They issue licenses to practitioners, investigate complaints and alleged violations of the Message Therapy Practice Act, and impose penalties. To earn approval, a school must be in good standing with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. The state agency also requires approval by the Colorado Division of Private and Occupational Schools, certification from the Colorado Community College System, or accreditation by a nationally recognized agency.

Officials ensure that individual license applicants have successfully completed a massage therapy school that the state has sanctioned, and that they have professional liability insurance coverage.

Best massage schools in Charlotte

Those wishing to become a massage therapist must first obtain a high school diploma or GED. They then need to graduate from an accredited postsecondary school that the Office of Massage Therapy Licensure has approved. The agency requires programs to provide at least hours of study in classrooms and clinics. Many programs offer more than the minimum.

Students who choose curricula with or more hours have better job prospects. The additional coursework affords the chance to specialize in individual areas of interest, like certain types of massage. Most of the schools award occupational certificates, though some have diploma programs. The coursework and on-the-job training generally require less than a year to complete, though a degree program can take two years.

Upon graduation, the final step is to apply for a state license to practice massage therapy in Colorado. We selected the schools below based on the programs that they offer, accreditation, student population, graduation rate and reputation. This school in Greeley offers a hour program, including clinic hours, that takes nine months to complete. Students may earn certificates in reflexology or chair massage.

Best massage schools in Charlotte

Students and licensed therapists serve the public with about 20 kinds of massage and other therapies. A seven-month, hour massage therapy program covers more than a dozen types of massage, as well as acupressure, yoga therapy, anatomy, physiology, pathology, kinesiology, business management, and ethics. The facilities feature two massage clinics, a spa, and an herbal pharmacy.

This Fort Collins school has a week, hour program that teaches full-body, Swedish, deep-tissue, sports, and integrative massage. Additional courses focus on corrective bodywork, anatomy and physiology, ergonomics, professional skills, and therapeutic communication skills. Students get experience performing massages at an on-campus clinic.

On its campus in Lakewood, just outside Denver, CSHA offers a hour program that takes either nine or 12 months to complete. Each classroom has massage tables and other equipment. There are multiple massage clinics on campus.

Best Chiropractor In Charlotte NC 2017

With 30 massage therapy schools in 13 states, Cortiva has more thanalumni. Its Colorado locations are in Aurora and Westminster. Students can earn a diploma in as little as seven and a half months.Learn More About Our Program! NC Massage School has been an industry-leading massage therapy program since Get the latest news on what is happening at our school, as well as helpful tips for massage therapists.

Massage therapy can be used to help manage stress, provide pain relief, and reduce muscle tension. Get a massage from one of our students at a discounted rate. Schedule a massage now! This school is amazing! The staff has been wonderful and extremely helpful answering all my questions. It was a pleasure to enroll, also they work well with the VA. When I stepped away from school I realized how prepared I was and how ready I was to go somewhere with what I learned.

Why Choose Us? At NC Massage School, you benefit from learning from a passionate staff who are not only knowledgeable in their fields but also exceptional in their instructional abilities.

How Long Is the Program? Upon completion of the hour diploma program, students earn their Neuromuscular Certification, which gives you the basis you need to launch your massage therapy career. Do You Offer Continuing Education?

All help you get the training you need to keep your license up to date while you strive to learn new techniques and skills to help your clients. Is Financing Available?If you can help people relax while making their skin look ten years younger, you have the potential to create a long-lasting career in the field of esthetics. The popularity of skin care services is growing all over the country, with more and more people turning to skin care specialist for facials, special product recommendations, and body treatments.

You can start by submitting proof of your training hours and a completed application. The final step is getting passing scores on a written exam and a practical exam. NC esthetic schools can help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to pass your licensing exams and start working independently. To qualify for licensure, you need to complete at least hours of training.

Licensed schools must cover the following mandatory topics. Professional beauty licenses expire on October 1 across the state, but different professions renew in different years.

Cosmetologists must renew licenses every 3 years, completing 24 continuing education hours during that 3-year period. Estheticians, manicurists and cosmetology instructors all renew annually, and 8 hours of continuing education must be completed during that time. Since skin care is becoming so popular, the need for estheticians is growing all over North Carolina, from large cities to smaller rural areas. No matter which work setting is a good fit for your skills and preferences, a skin care license will be your ticket into this career.

Estheticians can be self-employed, which involves opening your own skin care salon or renting a room at a local spa or hair salon. You can also look into conventional employment options at hair salons and spas. This gives you the chance to earn a basic salary and has the potential of client gratuities. Find a School. North Carolina. State License Requirements. Education Details. Required Skin Care Topics Anatomy and physiology Disinfection, first aid, and hygiene Facial and body treatments Hair removal Basic dermatology Skin care machines, electricity, and apparatus Aromatherapy Nutrition Makeup application and color theory Facials Eyelash extensions Brow and lash coloring Business management Professional ethics.

License Renewal. License Renewal Hours. License Renewal Period. Working as an Esthetician. State board Contact Information. Find the Beauty Schools in North Carolina that interest you below. Students are educated by professionals, using innovative curriculums that blend professional techniques with retail and business-building skills.

By committing to alternative energy sources we can all have an impact on the energy we consume and help lower our carbon footprint. Our Cosmetology program and master student phase incorporate theory with extensive hands on experience to provide you with a complete understanding of beauty and wellness. The Cosmetology course includes hair cutting, color, texture services, nail care, makeup application, business development, retail knowledge and the concept of gaining and retaining clients.

Upon completion, students move on to the master student phase for intensive real-world training to hone their skills. Esthiology Training Program The AVEDA Institute's innovative Esthiology program offers students the opportunity to learn specialized techniques to balance and renew the skin, body and elemental nature.

Hands-on clinical experience includes facials, waxing, makeup application, business development, wellness and retail knowledge. Upon graduation, participants will be prepared to take the state licensing examination, opening the door to a future as an esthetician.

So far this career is a really great journey and I enjoy being challenged at the AVEDA Institute, which has truly encouraged me to be the best "me" I can be.To be the best at something, you need to undergo training and learn a few tricks here and there. With the need for massagers rising by the day due to various reasons, many people have opted to have a massage course. But one thing deters them at the beginning, which is the right massage school to attend? There are hundreds of massage schools in the US, all good in their way and have their means of passing on knowledge to the students.

Amidst all that, we have compiled a list of ten popular massage schools where you can attend and learn. Students are open to hours of learning about massage-related topics and other crucial outlines that are significant to massages. The instructors teaching at the institute equip the students with necessary skills and knowledge that are essential in building their careers. The institute aims to offer their students the best education on becoming excellent massage therapists.

Go to top 9 Cortiva Institute School of Massage Therapy The Cortiva Institute is wide-spread across America in twelve different states that accept students living far and wide in America. The school offers a hour training program whereby the students are introduced to the theory and practical aspects of massage therapy.

They also include communications and social ethics in their programs. This is meant to improve how students will act in an occupational setting. If you are not available full-time, you can study in sessions of different hours as directed by the institute. Go to top 8 The Soma Institute The Soma Institute, situated in Chicago, Illinois, is one of the schools that has a high job placement rate for their students.

The kind of massage therapy taught there is meant to help students become better massage therapies as well as clinical massage therapists. Their program runs for hours and hours master massage training for clinical therapies. It is popular for its counseling and therapy programs which are open to the students selected to attend the institute.

Go to top 7 Everest College The Everest College have schools in eleven different status and 40 campuses in total. Students who enroll in the school can specialize in either sports therapies or spa therapies. They prepare the students by training them on both traditional and non-traditional massage practices. This helps them become more competent in both areas of massage therapy. The training offered there helps students become flexible enough to balance between academic knowledge and the technical aspect of massage.

It all depends on where your interests lie and what motivated you to do a course in massage therapy. The school is located in Tempe, Arizona. To help their students study well, they have an offering for financial aid loans as well as PELL grants. After the course, they help with job placement for their graduate students.

Go to top 5 Myotherapy College of Utah The Myotherapy College of Utah, founded inoffers an all-inclusive training in clinical massage therapy. They use over styles of training and modules so that their students can acquire the right knowledge on massage therapies. For students who have met their criteria for admission, there is an optional application for financial aid loans to help with the tuition.

It also offers continuing education for those looking for national re-certification. They have an extensive learning curriculum, and students can either enroll for the day, evening and online classes.

This offers flexibility for those with daytime jobs. All you need to do is apply for one of their part-time learning schedules.

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